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instapage alternatives

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Are you looking for the best Instapage alternative?

Or, are you already using Instapage and you’re wondering what its competitors offer so that you can decide to switch or not?

Well, we will get into all the nitty-gritty.

Today, you will learn all about the top 6 alternatives to Instapage.

But, before then, we can all agree that having the right landing page builder is critical for your business. The right landing page builder is integral to your business since it will give you the tool to convert your visitors to leads and prospects.

So, we understand how important this decision is to your business.

To make the decision-making process easy, we will dive right in and give you all the details to help you make an informed decision.

List of the Best Instapage Alternatives

Instapage AlternativeBest For:URL
leadpages vs instapage
Building landing pages that are optimized for conversion.
Creating landing pages that are optimized for SEO.
clickfunnels vs thrivecart
All-in-one sales funnel creation tool.
Thrive Themes
thrive themes
All-in-one shop for Wordpress marketing plugins.

WordPress plugin for customizing landing pages and opt-in features.


Creating highly targeted opt-in forms that are customized for conversion.

What Are the Best Instapage Alternatives?

The best Instapage alternative is the one that has common features with Instapage, is easy to use, and comes at an affordable price.

The alternative software is usually created by online sales experts who spend spent years analyzing how to convert leads into sales in the fastest possible way.

Currently, there are known 6 Instapage alternatives that can fully meet all these criteria.

How to Choose The Best Instapage Alternative for Yourself?

When choosing an Instapage alternative, your primary focus should always check if they have the same features that were important when you were using Instapage.

Here are the most important things you should consider:

  • How easy is it to use their software?
  • What integrations they offer?
  • How many and what templates they offer?
  • Is there an A/B testing feature?
  • And how SEO friendly they are?
  • Are they affordable?

How Much Do Instapage Alternatives Usually Cost?

Instapage isn’t cheap software.

Luckily, most of their alternatives are way cheaper.

On average, the price of Instapage alternative ranges from $9 (least priced) to $349 (highly-priced) per month. The final price depends on what features are offered and how much traffic you’re expecting to get.

Fortunately, most of the programs offer different pricing packages.

Cheap Instapage Alternatives (That Are Cheaper Than Instapage Itself)

Cheaper Instapage alternatives usually come with a one-time payment plan and the price for their lowest plans usually starts from $99.

However, these alternative tools usually also come with lots of limitations (such as the ability to use it on WordPress sites only) and less advanced tools that would help to convert leads into customers.

The cheapest known Instapage alternatives are:

The 6 Best Instapage Alternatives

Here’s a list of the top Instapage alternatives that you should consider if you think Instapage is not right for you:

Instapage Alternative #1: LeadPages

leadpages vs instapage

Alternative: LeadPages
Price: from $49 to $99 a month
Discount: up to 25% on annual plans
Comparison: Leadpages vs Instapage
Leadpages is a lead generation tool that helps in collecting email subscribers using templates for landing pages, lead magnets, webinars, pop-ups, and so on.

Instapage vs. LeadPages Pricing Comparison

Leadpages is more affordable as compared to Instapage. So, if the price is one of your most significant determining factors, then you might want to consider Leadpages.

Leadpages offers three pricing plans:

  • Standard plan – $37 per month, if you are billed annually. If you are billed monthly it’s $49 a month.  
  • Pro plan – $74 per month annually, $99 monthly.

On the other hand, Instapage has a different pricing model. It has two pricing plans, namely:

  • Business plan
  • Enterprise plan

The business plan goes for $199 when charged annually and $299 when charged monthly.

The enterprise plan doesn’t have a specific cost. The cost depends on your business needs, and you need to contact their sales team to help you customize the plan to your needs so that you can know what the plan will cost you.

Why You Should Choose LeadPages Over Instapage

1. Two Editor Options

While both platforms offer easy to use editors, Leadpages is more advanced. It offers two editor options: the standard editor and the drag and drop editor. This gives you options depending on your skill level.

2. More Widgets – More Functionality

Widgets are landing page elements that help to add the functionality of a landing page. The text option is an example of a widget that allows you to add copy to the landing page.

Other widgets include videos, buttons, forms, and images.

Leadpages has a total of 17 widgets, while Instapage only has 11 widgets. Here is a table comparison of the two:

LeadPages Widgets: Instapage Widgets:
Headline Headline
Text Instablocks (to divide your page into different blocks. This helps to create sections with different backgrounds on your landing page)
Button  Button
Countdown Timer
Image Image
Video Video
Line Shapes (to create boxes, circles, and horizontal/vertical lines)
Space Paragraph
Form Form
Social Share Social
Social Like
Progress Bar
Image + Text
Calendar + Text

3. Direct Sales Using Leadpages

From the previous widgets section, you can see that Instapage doesn’t have the checkout widget. This is a very critical widget for e-commerce owners or anyone who wants to enable their visitors to buy something directly from their page.

With Leadpages, you can create a checkout page whereby the visitors can directly buy a service or product without integrating the page with an eCommerce platform.

4. Integrated Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a critical part of your sales funnel: they are a major source of traffic. According to most sales funnel experts, being able to match your Facebook Ads with your landing page could help increase your conversion rate.

Leadpages offers a great feature whereby you can directly design your Facebook Ads on Leadpages, which allows you to create Ads that are consistent with your landing page.

The consistency gives you a higher chance of creating converting Ads.

5. Easier Invites To Webinars Using Leadlinks

Leadlinks is an excellent feature by Leadpages that allows your subscribers to opt-in to a sublist using a single click.

It helps you create a highly qualified sublist for your webinar and also saves your subscribers the time to fill in their details again when opt-in to the webinar or any other sub-list.

6. List Growing With Leaddigits

Leaddigits is an incredible feature by Leadpages that allows leads to opt-in to a list using their mobile phone. Usually, as a marketer, you will send out an opt-in message that gets delivered in the leads text message.

Once the person receives the message, they can simply opt-in from their text message without having to log into their email.

All in all, you should note that Instapage has more free templates than Leadpages. To be specific, Instapage offers over 200 free templates, while Leadpages only offers slightly over 130 templates.

7. Website Creation Using Leadpages

Just like Wix or Squarespace, today, you can create your website using Leadpages. You can use the drag and drop page builder to build a website even if you are not tech-savvy.

Instapage Alternative #2: Unbounce

unbounce vs instapage

Alternative: Unbounce
Price: from $90 to $225 a month
Discount: up to 20% on annual plans
Comparison: Unbounce vs Instapage
Unbounce is one of the most prominent landing page builders in the market. The platform was launched in 2009 and was the first one to introduce the drag and drop builder.

It was the pioneer that made it easier for anyone to build landing pages even if they aren’t web developers or designers.

Since then, the platform has served millions of clients across the globe, including The New York Times, Vimeo, and Hootsuite.

Instapage vs. Unbounce Pricing Comparison

Unbounce offers three pricing plans:

  • Launch plan – $90/month if paid annually.
  • Optimize plan – $135/month if paid annually.
  • Accelerate plan – $225/month if paid annually.

Note, the annual billing plan saves you 20% of the total cost.

With the Essential plan, you get to publish up to 75 landing pages, and you can have up to 8 stick bars and pop-ups. It also allows you traffic of up to 500, 000 visitors.

With the Premium plan, you get to publish up to 150 landing pages, and you can have up to 16 stick bars and pop-ups. It also allows you traffic of up to 500, 000 visitors.

You also get 5 sub-domains to help serve all your clients on the same dashboard. Other features include:

  • The AMP landing pages for creating mobile customized landing pages
  • Launch Scheduling to set when you want to publish certain pages.
  • Advanced Popup & Sticky Bar Targeting using cookies to target leads by location.

With the Enterprise plan, you have all the features that come with Unbounce. These include over 375 landing pages and more than 40 stick bars and pop-ups.

To use this plan, you need to contact customer support so that they can help you customize the plan to your business needs.

Instapage, on the other hand, only has two plans. The Building and the Enterprise plan. The Building plan goes for $199 per month when billed annually and $299 when billed monthly. With the Business plan, you get the following features:

  • Post click Score
  • CheckAdMap
  • 1 Landing Page Builder
  • Instablocks
  • Server-Side A/B Testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Zapier Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Marketo Integration
  • HubSpot Integration
  • SSL Encryption
  • GDPR Compliance

With the Enterprise plan, you get all the features that come with Instapage. But, you need to contact the sales team to help you customize the plan to your business needs.

Why You Should Choose Unbounce Over Instapage

1. Lead Notifications

Quick and prompt responses and replies help in increasing the conversion rate. For this reason, Unbounce has one of the most innovative features whereby you are notified when a lead clicks on a call to action and converts.

If you are a coach and a lead has just booked a free discovery call with you, this helps to make a quick follow up and make all the necessary preparations for the call and the lead.

2. Increased Conversion Rates With Sticky Bars

Sticky bars are horizontal bars that you can place either at the bottom or the top of your page with a call to action. And, because they are unobstructive but prominent, they help increase your conversions without taking up space on your page.

3. Features Made For Agencies

Agencies deal with multiple clients, and as such, it can be a lot of work having to redo page designs and so on.

Unbounce gives agencies features that can help them replicate their page designs, layouts, and templates so that they can use the same for other clients.

They also have a master dashboard where you can manage all your clients without all the data overwhelming or confusing you.

4. Great Customer Support

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get attention from customer support, but they either keep ignoring you or take too long to respond. Or they don’t have the information you’re looking for.

Unbounce customer support is very effective since they are very knowledgeable about the platform and usually respond very fast to inquiries.

Instapage Alternative #3: ClickFunnels

clickfunnels instapage alternative

Alternative: ClickFunnels
Price: from $97 to $297 a month
Free Trial: 14 Day FREE
Comparison: ClickFunnels vs Instapage
I doubt that there is any other platform on this list with as much hype and social media presence as ClickFunnels.

Anyway, ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder founded by one of the legendary marketers known as Russel Brunson. Russel popularized the name sales funnel and is also known for advocating for the benefits of sales funnels over websites.

The platform is a myriad of features such as:

  • Landing page builders
  • Sales page templates
  • Follow-up funnels (for email marketing)
  • Upsell and down-sell features
  • A robust affiliate marketing program

Instapage vs. ClickFunnels Pricing Comparison

ClickFunnels has two pricing plans, namely:

  • Basic plan – $97 per month
  • Platinum plan – $297 per month

Note, with the Standard Plan, you do not get access to the follow-up funnels feature and the Weekly Peer Review Hackathons.

During the weekly hackathons, you get to build out funnels as a coach guides you one on one. Also, FunnelFlix training is limited to the basic plan.

But, with the Platinum plan, you get to access all the features that ClickFunnels has to offer, including all the training hours in FunnelFlix, Follow-up funnels, and so much more.

Why You Should Choose ClickFunnels Over Instapage

Clickfunnels is one of the biggest competitors to Instapage since it offers features to help build a complete sales funnel. It’s more than just a landing page builder.

Here are some of the features:

1. Sales Funnel Templates

While Instapage has lots of landing page templates, Clickfunnels goes a step further – it offers sales funnel templates.

It has landing page templates, sales page templates, and complete sales funnel templates that you can create a sales funnel even if you are a newbie.

2. Affiliate Marketing Management System

Clickfunnels has an affiliate marketing management system that helps the users to create unique links for their products or services. They can use these links to get affiliate marketers to market their products and services.

The user can also manage their affiliate marketers and see the data regarding each marketer on their system.

3. Follow-Up Funnels

Email marketing is one of the essential marketing features of any business. And, with Instapage, you’d have to integrate it with an email marketing platform such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign, and so on.

ClickFunnels offers the follow-up funnels as an email marketing feature whereby you can send out follow up email campaigns. This helps to reduce the number of third party integrations while increasing your conversion rate.

4. FunnelFlix

According to Clickfunnels, FunnelFlix is the Netflix of sales and marketing information. With the recent ClickFunnels upgrade, FunnelFlix was introduced.

It offers training and resources on sales and marketing, personal development, copywriting, and so on.

The idea is to provide ClickFunnels users with knowledge on how to improve their sales and marketing acumen.

5. Membership site

With ClickFunnels, you can create a membership site where you can offer a course or other info products to your private audience.

Instapage Alternative #4: Thrive Themes

thrive themes instapage alternative

Alternative: Thrive Themes
Price: $299.00 a year
Discount: 24% OFF on annual purchases

Thrive Themes is one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

When you purchase Thrive Themes membership you get all the plugins that come with it.

Instapage vs. Thrive Themes Pricing Comparison

Thrive Themes has a different pricing model than most platforms. This is because you can either choose to purchase the whole package or buy individual plugins in Thrive Themes.

To get access to all the plugins, you need to purchase the Thrive Suite membership that goes for $299.00 a year.

With this membership, you can use all the plugins on up to 5 websites.

But, for agencies that manage multiple websites, you can purchase the membership at $588  a year, and you can use the plugins on up to 50 sites.

Why You Should Choose Thrive Themes Over Instapage

1. Enjoy One-Stop-Shop For Your WordPress Site

If you have a site on WordPress, you will realize that you will require tons of plugins to optimize it for conversion. But, with Thrive Themes, you don’t need all that.

Thrive themes comes with other plugins that can help you optimize your website.

2. Build Your Email List With Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is one of the plugins that come with Thrive Themes. The plugin is optimized to help you increase your conversion rate by all means.

For example, with its advanced targeting, it will show a visitor who is about to leave your page a certain pop-up that will capture their attention and provoke them to stay longer and possibly convert.

3. Grab Your Visitor’s Attention With Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is another plugin by Thrive Themes that is specifically designed to capture the attention of the visitors.

You see, quizzes are the best way to capture attention and increase engagement on your site. If you’ve been struggling to convert on your site, this might be your solution.

4. Increase The Demand Of Your Offers Using Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is more than just a countdown timer, see Instapage, it is a page that is dedicated to increasing the scarcity of your offers.

Note, with Instapage’s countdown times; you can only place the timer on the page you are publishing.

But, with Thrive Ultimatum, you can publish the countdown times on any page you want-Even on your blog post.

5. Increase Your Credibility Using Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is another Thrive Themes plugin specifically for displaying testimonials on your pages.

Testimonials serve as social proof and increase your credibility and your persuasion power. As such, they should be displayed on all your pages on your website.

Instapage Alternative #5: OptimizePress


Alternative: OptimizePress
Price: from $99 to $199 a month
Discount: Save $50 on the Suite Plan

OptimizePress is another great WordPress plugin that can help you build your email list and scale your business.

It has lots of features to help you build sales pages, landing pages, opt-in, and so on.

Instapage vs. OptimizesPress Pricing Comparison

OptimizePress has three pricing plans:

The Essential plan for $99 offers the following features:

  • 1 personal site
  • Unlimited landing pages, sales pages, opt-in forms, and so on.
  • No limit on leads and traffic
  • Access to the OptimizeBuilder Page Building Platform
  • SmartTheme
  • Templates Cloud Access including 100+ Templates
  • 20+ Premium Integrations inc Zapier
  • Email Support from the global team
The Business plan for $149 has all the features in the Essential plan and others such as:

  • 5 websites
  • You will get access to over 1 million free photos with Unsplash integration
  • OptimizeUrgency to add scarcity alerts to your pages for increased conversions
  • OnePage Membership Course: How to Sell Courses & Memberships with OptimizePress
The Suite plan for $199 has all the features in Business plan and others such as:

  • You can use it on 20 websites
  • OptimizeFunnels to help you create marketing funnels in WordPress with ease
  • OptimizeLeads
  • OptimizeCheckouts
  • Priority access to our new product releases

Why You Should Choose OptimizePress Over Instapage

1. Create Membership Sites

Do you offer online courses?

Then OptimizePress might be a good option for you. It has lots of pre-built templates to help you build your membership site, receive payments, and offer your services.

2. Create Checkout Pages

Unlike Instapage, OptimizePress has features to help you build checkout pages.

You can offer your products and accept payments on the checkout pages. The feature also helps you to deliver info products to your customers.

3. Build Your Funnels Using OptimizeFunnels

OptimizeFunnels is a feature that is only available to Optimize Suite plan members. The feature helps in creating funnels to increase conversion on your WordPress site.

4. Optimize Urgency

The OptimizePress team understands the power of scarcity when selling. They have the Optimize Urgency feature to help you publish countdown and timer on any page.

Note, this feature is more than the countdown widget on Instapage.

The countdown widget can only be published on the pages you’ve built. But, you can use the OptimizeUgency feature to post a time on your webpage to show an offer that is about to expire.

Instapage Alternative #6: OptinMonster

optinmonster instapage alternative

Alternative: OptiminMonster
Price: from $9 to $49 a month
Free Trial: 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
OptinMonster is another robust, lead generation WordPress plugin.

It can help you to convert visitors to subscribers and scale your business using:

  • Pop-ups
  • Floating bars
  • Full-screen sign-ups sheets
  • Sliding in forms

…and so many other features.

Instapage vs. OptinMonster Pricing Comparison

OptinMonster is possibly the cheapest platform on this list. It has four plans:

Basic plan for $9/month:

  • 1 Site
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Page-Level Targeting
  • List Segmentation
  • Basic Integration (Active Campaign, Feedblitz, MailChimp, Mailpote Campaign monitor, constant contact,iContact, Mad Mini, TotalSendinBlue, and MailerLite)
  • Simple Reporting
  • OptinMonster University
  • 3,500 Pageviews
The Plus plan for $19/month:

Everything in Basic, and:

  • 2 Sites
  • Integrated A/B Testing
  • Full Reporting
  • Attention Activation
  • Content Locking
  • Advanced Integrations ( Aweber, ConvertKit, Conversio, EmailOctopus, Drip, SendLoop, SendPulse, Emma, iPost, GetResponse, Klaviyo, and
  • Inactivity Sensor
  • Device Targeting
  • 15,000 Pageviews
The Pro plan for $29/month:

Everything in Plus plan and:

  • 3 Sites
  • Exit Intent Technology
  • Mobile-Specific Campaigns
  • Pro Integrations ( Hubspot, Webhook, Infusionsoft, Pordot, Eloqua, SharpSpring, Marketo, and Ontraport)
  • MonsterLinks
  • Yes/No Forms
  • Countdown Timers
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • UTM Targeting
  • Referrer Detection
  • Smart Tags
  • Cart & Form Abandonment
  • 2 Sub-Accounts
  • Remove Branding
  • Priority Support
  • 50,000 Pageviews
The Growth Plan for $49/month:

Everything OptinMonster has to offer, including:

  • 5 Sites
  • Onsite Retargeting
  • Follow-up Campaigns
  • Real-Time Personalization
  • Coupon Wheel Campaigns
  • Geolocation Targeting
  • Success Scripts
  • ManyChat Integration

Why You Should Choose OptinMonster Over Instapage

1. It Is The Pioneer In The Exit Intent Pop-Up Technology

OptinMonster was the first platform to come up with the exit intent pop-up. These are the pop-ups that hit you just when you’re about to leave a page. This helps to regain the attention of a visitor and give you a second chance to convert them.

2. Lots Of Features To Increase Conversion

OptinMonster is optimized in every imaginable way to help you improve your conversion rate. For example, you can lock some of your blog posts and require your visitors to submit their email addresses to continue reading the highly valuable blog posts.

3. It’s Affordable

OptinMonster is an excellent option for startups using WordPress and is looking to build their email list, increase their conversion, and scale their business. It’s the most expensive plan is cheaper than the lowest Instapage plan.

4. OptinMonster University

OptinMonster University is one of the most significant resources you get when you purchase OptinMonster. It has tons of training materials and information to help you build your email subscribers and scale your business.

The resources include:

  • Ultimate guides
  • Action plan
  • Courses

(Among others)

Note, this resource is worth thousands of dollars, but you get it for free when you sign up for an OptinMonster.

Final Word About Instapage Alternatives

In conclusion, increasing your conversion rate is the primary goal of your business.

It is vital to ensure that you identify the platform that will fit your business needs and go for it.

It is also essential to note that none of these platforms might solve all your business needs.

Every platform has its highlights and its shortcomings.

Identify the one that has the highlights that would benefit your business the most.