Elementor PRO Review:
Everything You Need To Know

Product: Elementor PRO
Price: From $49 to $199
Free Trial: 30-Day moneyback guarantee
Free Version: Available

elementor pro review

Looking for the Elementor PRO review?

One of the most effective and easy-to-use page builder plugins is the Elementor plugin.

The plugin has both the free and paid version. Both of these versions have exciting features that can help you design a good site for your product.

The paid Elementor page builder plugin version, Elementor PRO, gives you access to more exciting features not available on the free-to-use version.

In this Elementor Pro review, we shall discuss the tool in broad detail and highlight distinctive features to help you decide whether to upgrade to the Elementor Pro version.

Elementor PRO Overview: What Is Elementor PRO?

Elementor Pro is a paid extension plugin that unblocks the extra features unavailable on the Elementor free version.

It brings to the table a wide variety of impressive features and customization options for you to choose from.

To take full advantage of these exciting pro features, you will need to have both the free and paid version.

What Can Elementor PRO Do For You?

elementor pro features

The Elementor Pro increases the web building choices you can work with.

It does this by upgrading the functionality of an existing free Elementor page builder plugin. It unlocks the many exciting features not available on the free version.

These extensive features of the pro version give you an added advantage when developing your website. You get great layout templates and components to build a stylish site that suits your needs.

You can also join different parts to create your customized design layout for your site.

Top Elementor PRO Features Reviewed

As mentioned earlier, Elementor PRO has distinctive features that make it more efficient compared to the free version of Elementor.

Here are the main features of the pro version.

Theme Builder

elementor pro theme builder

In the recent update of the Elementor PRO page builder plugin, the Theme Builder feature was added.

Thanks to this update, you don’t have to use the WordPress theme for your site anymore.

This feature gives you authority over theme customization and the design layout of your website.

With the Theme Builder feature, you can generate countless templates for your:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Archive
  • Single
  • WooCommerce shop site

You also get to decide on where to use these templates.

For instance, you can assign a particular template blog posts with a specific tag or a specific author.

You don’t need to have extensive coding knowledge to develop unique and stylish website designs and layouts.

Elementor PRO page builder plugin enables you to not only design but also customize your site layouts worldwide using Elementor editor.

Your website elements such as comments, author bio, and post heading will automatically be fitted into your template every time you generate a new post.

And that’s not all.

You can allocate different website layouts to various personal posts or tags using the display conditions feature of Elementor PRO.

You can also design your archive pages using the Theme Builder feature.

The archive pages provide a great display of published blog posts or portfolios on your website.

They also help you categorize your published content accordingly for easy navigation.

Elementor PRO Elements

elementor pro widgets

Another outstanding feature of this page builder plugin is the various elements it provides.

You can insert these elements anywhere on your website. This means that you get the authority to fit in dynamic content in your site designs.

You can retrieve this content from your WordPress page or customize the various optimized layout components available.

What’s even better, you can design these elements to fit the layout of your page.

Some of the element integration provided by Elementor PRO are:

  • Icon boxes
  • Image carousels
  • Google Maps
  • And counter

Compatible with most premium page builder plugins, these widgets work just the same as old WordPress widgets.

You also get to choose between working with standard widgets that come with WordPress or using third-party integrations.

In case you don’t have access to the specific element you want to use, you can always import your preferred element from other integrations.

Remember, you can save these elements as worldwide widgets, making them applicable anywhere on your website.

Having these elements in the global widget form allows you authority over your site’s customization and design.

After customizing these widgets only once, you will experience changes in your website’s aspects. The free version does not have all these exciting, extensive features.

Elementor PRO Templates

The Elementor PRO comes with over 20 quality templates.

The templates cover different sections of your website, ranging from landing pages, homepages, menu templates, archive pages, etc.

With stylish themes, an impressive layout of components, these templates are the best starting point in developing your website.

One good thing about these templates is the control you have over your content. You can customize these templates to match your desired specifications.

Furthermore, you have the freedom to add or do away with some sections of the templates, change color combinations or juggle around with the different font styles to come up with a unique website design for your page.

Besides, by selecting and coordinating different parts of the available templates, you can create a personalized design layout that’s most efficient for your site.

Elementor PRO has the liberty to save templates safely for future use.

You have your website on the palm of your hand, and how you display content outside there is based on your preferences.

WordPress Theme Compatibility

Elementor PRO works with any adequately coded WordPress theme.

It has been tested with many other WordPress themes without experiencing any difficulties.

With the recent updates, this page builder plugin now incorporates a no sidebar template (full width) and a full-page template (no header or footer).

When creating your site’s landing page, you will make the most out of this feature.

Also, this feature applies when developing a fullscreen layout of your website’s homepage.

With the developers’ recent upgrades, a barebones WordPress theme has been created to deal specifically with the new Theme Builder feature.

For this reason, you can come up with a completely new WordPress website design layout. You don’t have to work on an existing WordPress theme to optimize the customization of your site.

Elementor PRO Pros & Cons

Review Of The Elementor PRO Benefits – What Do I Like the Most?

  • Full Customization Features

The theme builder feature of Elementor Pro allows you to customize every aspect of your existing website theme.

If you conduct extensive research or are creative enough, the pro version gives you a chance to design a personalized theme for your website.

A unique and stylish layout design makes your website stand out and have the necessary impact online.

The Elementor PRO builder plugin also presents you with an option to save the theme or template for your other websites.

What’s even better, you can combine different customizations to create an exclusive quality theme to use for multiple of your website.

Remember, the free version does not grant you this freedom; you are limited to WordPress’s various themes.       

  • High-Quality Page Templates

elementor pro templates

When using the free version of Elementor, you can’t access blog page templates.

However, upgrading to the pro version grants you access to pre-built templates that you can work with.

Also keen to mention, these templates are of incredible quality as they may include featured images, post titles, author bios, and even comment sections.

With over 20 templates on the Elementor PRO page builder plugin, you are presented with a chance to custom-design your templates.

You can decide to come up with color combinations to form a stylish layout design to apply these templates to your subsequent websites.

Given that you have control over these templates, you can adjust them from time to time to adjust to your niche.

  • Good Selection Of Elements

The pro version of the plugin provides various significant elements.

You can insert these elements anywhere on your site, depending on your intentions.

You can also opt to design these elements to fit perfectly into your page.

When using Elementor PRO, therefore, you can customize the kind of content you want to display.

Some of the elements you may want to use on your page may not be available on WordPress.

No need to worry.

With the Element PRO plugin, you can import such elements from other integrations.

However, the integration you choose to import the particular element must be compatible with WordPress.

  • Custom Header And Footer Layouts

Elementor PRO comes with an exclusive selection of headers and footers that you can choose from.

You can use any of these template headers and footers for your page, depending on the one that suits your needs.

Also keen to mention is that you can customize the default headers and footers on your page.

You are also provided with an option to create an entirely new footer and header for your site.

So, if none of the headers and footers meets your standards, you can come up with your own.

You may also decide to use the customized header and footer for the entire website or specific posts.

  • Powerful Pop-up Builder

Developing pop-up design layouts from scratch is always a big challenge.

This process is tiring from having to hire a designer to the many alterations needed to acquire the desired pop-up design.

But, thanks to Elementor PRO, you can design your pages how you want them and from the comfort of your home.

You don’t need a designer.

Using the pro version, you can develop exciting WordPress pop-ups that work for absolutely anyone.

  • Easy To Use

The most crucial aspect of any product is the user interface. A simple interface makes it easy for people to use.

The pro version comes with a comprehensive yet straightforward interface that can be used by anyone. Navigating through the Elementor PRO plugin menu is very easy.

Apart from the user-friendly interface, the words used are easy to understand, making it easy to operate the Elementor PRO.

  • Helpful Video Guides

The amount of time spent carrying out research and extensive learning before you can start building a website can yield real results.

Elementor PRO has a helpful video guide that helps you operate the platform without difficulties.

Before working on any aspect of the pro version plugin, you are provided with a video guiding you on how to go about that particular action.

This way, building a website is simplified since you don’t need extensive background knowledge on websites to create one.

Elementor PRO Disadvantages – What I Don’t Like

  • Inefficient Customer Support System

Despite the cool and exciting features hosted by the Elementor PRO, their support system is inefficient.

Delayed feedback from the support team can be disappointing.

Also, most of the support system is not well versed with the pro version dynamics.

This way, you may sometimes not get much insight from the team expected to be the ultimate gurus.

Elementor PRO Pricing Review

Elementor PRO is a commercial page builder plugin available in 3 different pricing plans.

  • $49 for one website

This is the most affordable of the three available payment plans and grants you access to all the comprehensive features of the Elementor PRO builder plugin.

However, after purchasing this pro version, you will be allowed to develop only one website.

  • $99 for three websites

This plan is also known as the business or the plus package.

Buying this particular plan allows you to access the Elementor pro extension features.

Just for $99, you can acquire a license to develop three different websites.

  • $199 for unlimited websites

This package is the ultimate deal for people who solely venture into developing websites for individuals and business organizations.

After paying the $199 price tag, the license you obtain allows you to create an unlimited number of other websites.

elementor pro price

All three pricing plans enable you to use the page builder plugin for an unlimited time.

However, you will only be allowed access to support and updates for one year. To maintain your access to updates and support beyond this period, you will be required to renew your license by paying 50% of the original price.

Is Elementor PRO Worth It?

Well, it will depend on the number of sites you want to develop and the purpose of these sites.

For webmasters and other digital professionals who engage in selling websites to individuals and business organizations, however, Elementor PRO is the ultimate deal.

It may not be that cost-effective if you only need to develop a single website.

Either way, no matter the pricing package you choose, you will benefit mainly from this pro version’s comprehensive features.

Elementor PRO Support Review

elementor pro support

The Elementor PRO has an efficient support team that can help you solve any challenge you might come across in no time.

After conducting the team through email, it takes only around 48 hours to get back to you.

In case you experience any delays while trying to seek help from the support team, you can make use of the extensive documentation readily available.

Elementor PRO Review: Verdict

The Elementor free version has its share of exciting features.

The decision on whether to upgrade to the pro version is dependent on the intended purpose of your website.

If you don’t need more than just an online presence, you can stick to the free version.

However, for just $49, you get unlimited access to the comprehensive features of Elementor PRO. This deal is too good to resist.

On the other hand, if you are a webmaster, web designer, or developer, and you want to create websites for individuals and business organizations, Elementor PRO is the ultimate deal.

Disclosure: I am an independent Elementor Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Elementor. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Elementor.


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