Builderall Affiliate Program

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Program: Builderall Affiliate
Commissions: 100% commissions on first purchase, then + 30% residual income of the sales price
Cookie duration 30 days
Registration: Affiliate signup page


builderall affiliate programHow would you like to earn 100% of your first personal sales commissions with the Builderall Affiliate Program?


…sit back and let me tell you everything you need to know.

The Builderall Affiliate program is a two-tier system called the Builderall Business.

The Builderall two-tier affiliate program means that members earn some commission when other affiliates that they have directly referred to the program sell Builderall plans.

Besides the lucrative benefits of the platform, its affiliate program is also quite a catch, attracting several marketers. Although the software is quite straightforward to use, the affiliate program may take a bit of time to get the hang of it.

What Are Builderall Affiliate Commissions?

builderall types of commissions

Builderall affiliates earn three types of commissions from the program.

The personal sales commissions refer to the amount that you will gain from each of your customer’s first payment every time you make a sale in Builderall.

Every month, affiliates also earn some commission once their customer makes their monthly payment. These commissions are referred to as the personal sales recurring commissions.

Finally, as an affiliate, you will be able to make 2nd tier recurring commissions after your 2nd tier customers pay their monthly Builderall fees.

Affiliates can withdraw their personal sales recurring and 2nd tier recurring commission five days after the payment is made.

For the personal sales commissions, members have to wait for 35 days before they can withdraw their earnings. However, qualified affiliates get to withdraw their earnings after five days.

How Much Can You Earn With Builderall Affiliate Program?

Builderall sets the personal sales commissions at 100%.

This means that as an affiliate, you will make the total amount of your direct customer’s first payment of whichever plan they choose. Additionally, affiliates earn 30% for both the personal sales recurring and 2nd tier recurring commissions.

It is essential to state that affiliates don’t earn commissions from bringing in new affiliates. You can only make a commission after selling any of the Builderall plans to new customers.

That said, Builderall has five pricing packages, but you can only earn commissions from four of those since the lowest tier plan is a free package.

Plan Price/mo Personal Sales Commissions (100%) Personal Sales Recurring Commissions (30%) 2nd Tier Recurring Commissions (30%)
Builder $19.90 $19.90 $5.97 $5.97
Marketer $29.90 $29.90 $8.97 $8.97
Essential $49.90 $49.90 $14.97 $14.97
Premium $69.90 $69.90 $20.97 $20.97


Let’s have an in-depth look at the commissions you could make from the direct sale of each of the other four plans.

1. Builder Plan

This plan costs $19.90 per month. Therefore, by bringing a new Builder Plan customer onboard, an affiliate will earn $19.90 from the first payment as their personal sales commission. Additionally, you will make 30% * $19.90= $5.97 as personal sales recurring commissions. Therefore, the direct sale of a Builder Plan will earn you $19.90 + $5.97 = $25.87.

Say, for example, your first customer also brings in another Builder Plan customer. You will earn an additional $5.97 as your 2nd tier recurring commissions, bringing the total to $31.84. However, your recurring commissions from every Builder Plan customer will be $5.97 + $5.97 = $11.94 each month.

2. Marketer Plan

The Marketer Plan costs $29.90, which will also be your personal sales commission from your direct customer’s first payment. The personal sales recurring commissions will, therefore, be 30% * $29.90= $8.97 and an additional $8.97 as 2nd tier recurring commissions, which equals a total of $17.94 recurring commissions per month.

3. Essential Plan

Your personal sales commission for this plan will be $49.90, which is also the monthly cost of the package. Personal sales recurring commissions, as well as the 2nd tier recurring commissions, will be $14.97 each. Therefore, affiliates earn a total of $29.94 in recurring commissions every month.

4. Premium Plan

As an affiliate, you will earn $69.90, which is the package’s monthly price, as your personal sales commission. Personal sales recurring and 2nd tier recurring commissions will earn you 30% * $69.90 = $20.97 each. Your recurring commissions will, therefore, be $41.94 each month.

Why Should You Join Builderall Affiliate Program?

builderall affiliate advantages

It is quite clear that the Builderall affiliate program can help you rake in some handsome amounts in commissions.

However, besides the one-time and monthly recurring commissions, what other benefits does the Builderall affiliate program present?

  • Unlike other affiliate programs, there are no payment thresholds, and you can withdraw whatever little amount you have in your account.
  • Builderall provides several automatic funnels that you can use for your affiliate business, especially if you are planning to use email marketing.
  • Besides the automatic funnels, there are plenty of resources available to help you promote Builderall to your contacts list.
  • The Message Center allows you to communicate with your leads faster and more efficiently. You can either choose to send them an email or a notification to their Builderall account.
  • The tax forms that you must submit to receive your Builderall commissions are easy to use and don’t require your physical signature.
  • Builderall hosts weekly webinars that give some tips and tricks to help affiliates make the most out of this program.

How Does Builderall Affiliate Program Works?

builderall affiliate

For starters, affiliates don’t need to buy any product or plan to join the Builderall leveraged affiliate program. The platform doesn’t sell its business opportunity, and members don’t have to pay any fee either to be part of the program.

Affiliates must sell any of Builderall’s plans to earn any commissions. Bringing in other members, therefore, doesn’t earn you any amount. Additionally, affiliate marketers get to earn monthly recurring commissions from their 2nd tier customers.

Builderall has some restrictions in place concerning how affiliates can promote the platform.

Marketers cannot promote Builderall by making claims on the earnings. They cannot state that another user will make a specific amount by joining the program. Although affiliates can share proof of their earnings, they must use the earnings disclosure provided by Builderall.

The declaration simply states that there is no guarantee on how much a user could earn and that success with the program depends on an individual’s dedication, motivation, and desire.

It is worth nothing that commissions for a user’s first month, as well as for affiliates who haven’t made at least $250, will be on hold for 35 days. Afterward, members will only have to wait five days before they can withdraw their recurring commissions.

Once you sign up to be an affiliate, you will get access to the business center that includes a variety of tools that make it easier for you to use the affiliate program.

Some useful features include:

  • The earnings calculator
  • Lead generation funnels
  • Pixel, which allows you to track conversions in your ads platform by adding tracking pixels to the automatic funnels

Who Should Join Builderall Affiliate Program?

The Builderall Affiliate program is ideal for both beginner marketers and experienced ones.

Novice marketers who are just venturing into affiliate marketing will find the program lucrative as they can quickly regain their initial investment.

They can then reinvest the money and scale their affiliate marketing business faster.

For experienced marketers, this program is an excellent choice for a side income generator.

Sure, there are other better-paying affiliate programs out there. However, having an additional source of income could never hurt.

How to Become a Builderall Affiliate

We’ve already mentioned that you don’t need to pay anything to become a Builderall affiliate. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Step 1: Go to this page
  • Step 2: Submit your affiliate application or become a premium member to get automatically approved

Final Word

Whether you are only just getting into affiliate marketing or are looking for an extra stream of income, the Builderall Affiliate program is an ideal source of some extra income.

If you, especially, have a significant number of leads, you will find the program quite resourceful.

Like any other affiliate program, you only have to keep in mind that your efforts will determine how much you will earn.

However, the two-tier commission system provided by Builderall is quite lucrative and will ensure that you make some good money, provided you put in the work.

Besides, the program comes with several other benefits, such as the absence of a payment threshold. With the Builderall affiliate program, it is easier to regain your investment, earn a significant amount, and reinvest it to build your affiliate marketing business.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry on and sign up to be a Builderall affiliate today.


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