10X Secrets 

Learn How to Generate $3.2 Million in 90 Minutes
by Russel Brunson from ClickFunnels

What is 10X Secrets?

10X Secrets is a training masterclass by Russell Brunson, where he’s sharing all his personal secrets he managed to sell $3,000,000 worth of ClickFunnels products on stage at Grant Cardone’s event called 10x Growth Conference.

10X Secrets

What Is Included in The 10X Secrets?

In 10X Secrets you’ll find:

» 10X Secrets Masterclass

10X Secrets Masterclass is a 6 hours of training where Russell Brunson will show you how he sold $3.2 million in sales of ClickFunnels products at 10X Growth event + he’ll walk you step-by-step process on how create an incredible offer, your audience can’t want to say no!

One important thing to note is that this training is relevant not only for those who’re doing sales on stage, but also for those who’re doing facebook live videos, live hangouts, etc.

How Much Does The 10X Secrets Masterclass Cost?

10X Secrets masterclass costs only $297 (one time payment).

10X Secrets Masterclass

» 10X Secrets Slides

10X Secrets Slides are the actual slides Russell Brunson used to generate over $3 million dollars on stage.

With these slides you won’t need to worry if you’ll manage to create the presentation that would actually sell.

Because you’ll have everything ready.

How Much Does 10X Secrets Slides Cost?

10X Secrets slides costs only $97 (one time payment).

10X Secrets Slides

» 10X Closing Secrets

With 10X Closing Secrets you’ll be able to understand where Russell Brunson got all of this from and how he learned to generate million dollars on stage.

They gone out to 7 people who Russell learned all those secrets, tips, and strategies from – and interviewed them.

And that’s not everything…

Together with that, Russell will show you how he’s still using all these strategies today and how you can adopt it to your business.

How Much Does the 10X Closing Secrets Cost?

10X Closing Secrets costs only $297 (one time payment).

10X Closing Secrets

» The Virtual FHAT Event

The FHAT (Funnel Hack a Thon) Event will invite into five live events where Russell will give you all the manuals and teach you how to create converting offers and generate enormous amounts of sales.

For example: how to create the webinar slides, create converting live videos, etc.

Keep in mind that with all this material you’ll not only learn how to sell from stage, but everything you can imagine on.

How Much Does 10X Secrets FHAT Event Cost?

10X Secrets FHAT Event costs only $497 (one time payment).

10X Secrets Virtual FHAT Event

When the 10X Secrets Will Happen?

The 10X Secrets Masterclass will be live on November 8th-18th, 2018.

10X Secrets Price

The main 10X Secrets Masterclass training will cost only $297 (one time payment). However, together with it you can buy other products additional products:

  • Perfect Webinar Slides: $97
  • Closing Secrets: $297
  • Original FHAT Event: $497

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